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Photo of Julie Nourish owner of Ceremony to Remember in Las Vegas“Hello. Thank you for visiting. If you are considering getting married in Vegas look no further. I have been helping wedding couples plan their wedding ceremonies for twenty years now. I love to be a part of the special joy of weddings. I have acquired valuable skills to customize and plan wedding ceremonies and packages in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.  My wedding services are personalized for your circumstances with simple or customized wedding ceremony option choices. I will also help you create the wedding package of your dreams within your budget.   I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you and help you plan your special event and get to know you.”

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Standard Hours for Packages:  9 am – 8 pm. Services before 9 AM and after 8 PM incur an upgrade charge Planning fees for services vary as there are many choices for your wedding on location.  Please contact me to inquire.  The packages listed on this site include the planning fee.  Additional services will be charged separately and paid to each independent vendor. The planning fee and deposits are Non-Refundable and required to confirm services and plan your event.  Please inquire if interested in any of the additional services listed below. Julie will contact you within 48 hours to start present a wedding planning quote to plan your event.  Planning Upgrades:  Flowers, Videographer, Photographer, Limousine, Cake, Apostille services, Site Arrangement. Styling and extra customization available upon request.

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About Julie and Las Vegas Weddings

A Note from Julie: I started performing wedding services as a Las Vegas wedding Minister in 1996. I worked many years primarily as a Las Vegas wedding officiant and minister only. Recently, after working many years with other wedding chapels and wedding companies in Las Vegas, I branched out to serve also as a wedding planner for couples who wanted to get married in Las Vegas. I continue to be a mobile Minister in Las Vegas. I also continue to provide Ministerial services as an independent Las Vegas Minister (click here to view my BIO) providing memorial services and Christening ceremonies on location. But recently I have branched out to provide services as a wedding planner in Las Vegas for clients who want more involved services. This provides a valuable service to my clients. It allows them to be presented with more choices for unique Las Vegas weddings, spanning a variety of budget options.

Wedding Planning: The primary area of wedding planning services are day-of-coordination, assisting couples to plan a Las Vegas wedding at event sites I partner with and planning coordination for on location weddings. Las Vegas has many various wedding venue opportunities. I primarily offer services to couples getting married in Vegas.  If you plan to get married in a home environment or are looking to connect with wedding venues that allow outside vendors to bring their services to a location. Although this is the primary focus of services at this time, I am working to outreach with community vendors to offer scenic packages location options; for example, helicopter wedding tours and destination wedding venues, such as the Valley of Fire, the Grand Canyon. I also am working with more event centers that offer event options and tailoring of their venue experience to fit their budget.

Mission Statement: My ongoing focus is working with customers to offer more Las Vegas wedding venue option choices. I continue to research facilities I may partner with in Las Vegas that offer a range of services spanning from the lower budget, medium to high budget.  This will allow my customers to choose a venue that meets their particular needs. It will continue to be my primary objective to offer wedding officiant services on location in addition to providing excellent wedding planning services. I deliver attention to detail and excellent customer services to my clients and only partner with the best vendors and event sites. I make certain my customers have a wedding experience that they not only enjoy but cherish for the rest of their lives. 


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Do you plan on getting married in Vegas?

If you are getting married in Vegas, why not consider a simple yet elegant Las Vegas Wedding? In the past when somebody stated they plan to have a Las Vegas Wedding it conjured up the image of a cheesy wedding right? That is what a lot of my customers have told me. After all, Las Vegas has earned the reputation of intoxicated wedding couples making last minute decisions to get married in Vegas. Las Vegas weddings have changed and this experience is just not the reality any longer as a standard. In my opinion Las Vegas wedding choices have evolved past this image. There are a variety of options for holding your wedding ceremony in Las Vegas you might not have considered.  Julie and her team know creative alternative ideas, separate from typical outdated image of the Las Vegas wedding experience, we will share with you. There are many choices you may not be aware of that will suit your needs perfectly.

Customized Las Vegas Wedding Planning Services:

Julie Nourish, the owner of this site, has been serving as a wedding officiant in Las Vegas since 1996.  She has been a resident of Las Vegas since 1989. She knows this city well. She has applied this experience to create many beautiful wedding ceremonies.  Her ceremonies are customized to your needs. She will provide a simple ceremony at affordable pricing at your location and travels to resorts, scenic locations, homes, parks, country clubs and many more options. She has compiled many years of ceremony dialogue and is also proficient at creating the ceremony to suit your own style and requests. Whatever your needs are you can be certain she will be provide you exceptional, caring and professional services.

Julie and her team will guide you in planning your wedding ceremony every step of the way. With over 19 years of wedding officiation experience she will make sure your wedding details are in order with the least amount stress possible. Julie has branched into wedding planning recently and includes several Las Vegas wedding packages   as well as Las Vegas photo packages and Las Vegas scenic destination wedding options.

If you are eloping to Las Vegas or attempting to make arrangements from a distance it can be challenging. You need to able to rely on someone you can trust.  Julie has the experience to provide the individualized instruction and guidance you need. She will provide the caring and dependable services you can count on.

The Las Vegas Strip Has Evolved: Since the inception of the newer version of the Las Vegas Strip in the early 1980’s the image of Las Vegas has changed from the glitter gulch of the old downtown strip to the newer modernized cosmopolitan image.  There was a lot of tearing down of hotels and rebuilding activity in the early 2000’s. Many hotels were imploded and replaced with newer, bigger and more bedazzling structures. Las Vegas and its image was cleaned up. The City Center came into being around the 2010 time frame and in my opinion really made the Las Vegas strip transform into a hub of activity. Now it has the big city atmosphere with glitz and glamor. It seems wherever you look there is something new to see. One can hardly take in all the activity. The creation of the city center added the Cosmopolitan Hotel and many other hotels such as the Aria, Vdara, Crystals and others to the core of the Las Vegas strip. Each hotel has it’s flavor and individual theme. One favorite hotel couples like to have in-suite weddings is the Cosmopolitan hotel. Renting a wrap-around balcony suite that overlooks the Bellagio fountain with the Eiffel tower in the background is very popular. However, there are a lot of minute details you do not know. That is why it helps to have not only a wedding planning specialist but also someone who will oversee the wedding planning in Vegas and make it a special experience for you. With the addition of this huge group of towering hotel resorts the Las Vegas strip has become a megalithic hub of activity and wedding choices. Some hotels are quite extensive in the choices they offer couples to have a simple wedding in Vegas. Having a wedding or party event in a small intimate in-suite location has become a trendy and popular choice for people. Some hotels work really well for hosting an in-suite event, for instance. The Cosmopolitan hotel has wrap around suites overlooking the Bellagio fountains with a spectacular view of the Vegas Strip. For that matter so does the MGM Skyview suites. They have balconies suites overlooking the city and provide a beautiful view. The balcony suites are large and can accommodate a larger crowd. Some of the amenities boast tables, chairs, and an outside Jacuzzi, not to mention a view that is incredible! It all depends on your vision and wedding budget for the choices you have. These are some alternative choices you may not have thought of when you consider having a Las Vegas wedding or Vegas party event. You may even consider scheduling a Vegas wedding package for your event. This would be considered an upgraded wedding experience.

Simple Vegas Marriage Packages

Many couples love the idea of having a simple wedding in Vegas. This is quite popular now as Vegas wedding ideas on a budget. Because the Vegas Strip has evolved and cleaned up it’s city atmosphere, the beauty of the surrounding landscape is the perfect atmosphere for wedding photos. Many of the resorts boast beautiful, lush palm trees and landscaped gardens, fountains and waterfalls. Another popular choice is having a wedding ceremony in public locations like public parks. The park environment is not completely private but it offers a good choice for a lot of people. And the drive to reach such locations is not far from the Las Vegas Strip. This option will offer the opportunity to have a family picnic and it’s more of a DIY event if the intent is to save money. You may also choose to add a cheap Vegas wedding package added to your services.

Las Vegas Strip Photo Tours

It’s a great idea to have a photo tour to take in the various hotel atmospheres and capture the beauty of each property. These are fun Vegas wedding ideas that are not the norm. I think a lot of wedding couples don’t think about the option to have their ceremony in the hotel. This is a classy elopement in Vegas. The ceremony can be in the hotel room or suite and then after the ceremony the photographer whisks the wedding couple away for a Las Vegas Strip photo tour. This captures the glitz and excitement of glitter gulch providing memories to cherish for a lifetime. Adding in a fun limousine luxury ride will only enhance the ambiance. Riding along basking in the twinkling neon lights is the way to go. This can all be done in Las Vegas on an affordable budget. In this troubling economy, why break the bank and spend thousands of dollars on a ceremony when it can be spent on more important things?

Places to Elope in Vegas

Keep down the cost of Eloping in Las Vegas. Many people are opting to have cheap outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. There are many outdoor wedding options in Las Vegas you might not be aware of. For example, we have a lot of scenic locations in and around Las Vegas to choose for your nuptials. One that I know of, Lamb State Park, also known as Tule Springs is located in Northwest Las Vegas. It has mature trees and a spring that runs through it with ducks, swans, peacocks and it’s inexpensive to have a wedding ceremony there. You may reserve a group area for your wedding. You will save a lot of money and have a barbecue with your family and friends as a wonderful option. This is a terrific option for you if you don’t mind setting up the chairs and putting some effort into the wedding.  If will require traveling about a half an hour to forty-five minutes away from the Vegas Strip in most cases, although you may find rental homes close to the Las Vegas Strip on Home Away, for instance. Another great option for a simple wedding in Las Vegas that is well worth considering is having the ceremony in a park setting. It is a simple yet elegant option for your wedding ceremony. A good Las Vegas wedding planner will help you pull it all together, make suggestions and plan it for you in budget professionally.

Places to Get Married Outside:

Red Rock Canyon wedding packages in Las Vegas are a terrific option to have a fantastic experience outside.  It is location about 45 minutes to 60 minutes outside of the Las Vegas strip. This park is a stunning backdrop of rugged mountain scenery and red rocks. Over the years it has become more known to residents but it is still not well known to visitors. It is necessary to obtain a park permit for this area but in my opinion the serenity and beauty of having your ceremony here is well worth it. A well-qualified wedding planner will be able to obtain the park permit for you. The permit costs $210 but that allows you 2 hours reserved for you on location. There are two locations authorized to have weddings.

Overlook – Calico Basin: One location is called “The Overlook” and the other is called “Calico Basin”. They are both picnic areas but a portion of the area is blocked off specifically for your ceremony for this permit. I have included two photo gallery links to show you what each location looks like. Viewing the gallery photos on my Red Rock canyon page will show you the photo opportunities you have for these two areas. In my opinion the best option is the have a photo tour along with the booking of a reserved spot. If you have a photo tour you may go on a tour of the scenic drive after your ceremony and get close up shots on the huge red boulder rocks made of red sandstone. Capturing the beauty of the Red Rocks again a white wedding gown is spectacular. Bonnie Springs is another good location to have a scenic outdoor wedding experience. Actually there are many options available for experiencing a very memorable wedding that doesn’t break the bank but still gives you a classy wedding.

This site focuses on showcasing many great ideas for you. If you don’t see an idea that you hoped to implement, let Julie know your needs.  She will guide you to plan and give you many great ideas to make your day special. Her team of associate vendors are professional and experienced. Over the years Julie has worked with a wide selection of wedding vendors and will vouch for their professionalism.  For example, she can recommend makeup and hair specialists, limousine companies, photographers, videographers and many more top notch vendors.

Planning Your Wedding in Las Vegas:  Wedding planners should have certain skill sets. Good organizational and communication skills are a must. Julie has these skills and will make sure you get the skilled professional services you deserve. VIew the wedding planning page to view the planning services provided as Custom Las Vegas weddings.

As a general overview here are the planning services available:

  • Day of coordination services
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Mobile Party Packages
  • Wedding Package Creation
  • On Location Wedding Package Creation
  • Mobile Las Vegas Photo Packages
  • Scenic Las Vegas wedding Packages
  • Destination Wedding Photo Packages

When Julie helps you plan your wedding in Las Vegas she provides vendor choices that will fit within your budget. Planning within budget should not sacrifice quality of service. Julie will make sure you get the services you deserve for your special day.

Contact Julie here and let me know how I can help you plan your wedding in Las Vegas. You can choose to have wedding package in Las Vegas or outside of Las Vegas at one of the scenic outdoor locations.

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